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We believe owning a Ragdoll kitten comes with priorities and responsibilities. We are able to accept those responsibilities and balance them with unconditional love and dedication

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We don’t just Breed kittens, we enjoy them being around us all the time! Me and my family have been breeding pure breed Ragdoll breeders since 2010. Every minute of it has been exciting!. We take pride in the health and personality of our adults and especially our litters of Kittens. They are all raised with lots of love and care from their first breath. Ragdoll cats are great companions! Once you own one, you are hooked! Please browse our website and get to know us and see our special Radgoll kittens for sale. For our “pick up” customers, we are now offering for your convenience safe air shipping via priority parcel to most airports. If you have any questions or comments; please contact us. EVERY kitten is VET CHECKED before they leave to go home with you, to be sure they are healthy and off to a good start. They are also kept current on anti parasites preventatives and vaccinations. We offer a 1 year warranty on all our Kittens. We LOVE our little fur children and it is our goal for you to LOVE them too for LIFE! Please feel free to contact us anytime for more info about our Ragdoll Kittens.

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